Haraldsborg, Islands Brygge 19, København S

Client: The Carlsberg Foundation
Architect: Project manager Iben Lüthje Hielscher from Dan-Ejendomme
Conducted: 2009

Iben L. Heisler from Dan-Ejendomme contacted Brian Toft in 2007  and told him about a public tender regarding a renovation of a copper tower on Islands Brygge. Toft Copper won the tender and conducted the renovation of the tower in marts 2009, where they found that the copper roofing were approx 100 years old. It were ready to be changed.

Brian Toft; About roofers work-philosophy

A real copper roofer’s work-philosophy should be; that you’re not better than your last job. It’s a way to secure progression for yourself and your craft. At the same time it’s a necessity to study and understand the historic perspective in a craft, where traditions reaches back more than 400 years, and the job you’re performing now, can be seen for more than 100 years to come.