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We have been assigned some great tasks over the years, whereas only the special projects will be shown here. If you wish to see more references or want information about individual solutions, you’re more than welcome to contacts us by phone +45 40 62 18 48 or by e-mail.

On the individual assignment more pictures are shown by clicking on the picture.

Crafts connected across technical borders

It’s always important to focus on the right and proper communication. Many solutions on a construction site are often agreed on in consultation with constructor, architects or other craftsmen. This secures an alignment and consistency in the decision-making for the whole construction site.

Listed buildings

Brian Toft has for many years studied historic crafts, especially work with copper and zinc. He has travelled a lot where he has come in contact with foreign craftsmen, studied old buildings, technics and construction methods. It’s a fact, that copper roofing can have a lifespan that last for up to 100 years. But it has to be properly fitted and on a surface which can secure as long lifespan as the copper itself.

Copper roofing as a craft

"A real copper roofer’s work-philosophy should be; that you’re not better than your last job. It’s a way to secure progression for yourself and your craft. At the same time it’s a necessity to study and understand the historic perspective in a craft, where traditions reaches back more than 400 years, and the job you’re performing now, can be seen for more than 100 years to come." Brian Toft