Bernstorff Castle, the lodge

We were contacted by Kgl Building Inspector Karsten Rønnows Tegnestue about this restoration of the roof. The task was to get the building back to a standard where the building appeared beautiful. All joints in masonry are prominent i.e. they go further out than the bricks. Not many masons can do that. I contacted Tony from TGO barley and he obviously did the job as he usually does. I agreed with the Architect that instead of all the different sizes of skiffer stones that lay on the roof, we took a very small skiffer stone, similar to the size laid in the Moselle in Germany.

The roof is a full devaled roof. The structure had to take into account that the house was not quite straight, but that we could equalize the differences so that the whole expression looks straight.

The Palaces and Properties Agency
Karsten Rønnows Tegnestue, Anders H. Jespersen