Roofs and roof work

Throughout the years we have helped architects, engineers and contractors from idea to project and on to execution of the plan, both as adviser and entrepreneur.

We help architects and engineers daily in connection with the design and execution of roof works, roofing and façade covering.

From status on the roofs condition to reviews at building completion:

  • Reports about the roof conditions and a lifetime assessment
  • Budgeting e.g. annual repair of the roof and/or replacement plans
  • Advising on selection of materials to use in the roof structure
  • Presentation of roof-projects e.g. for procurement
  • Assisting the architect/engineer with inspections of the construction site
  • Examination of the roof at completion

Throughout the years we have earned a great deal of experience with procedures that works – and what to avoid! Therefore we are able to provide counselling on both the design and the use of materials. We can estimate the cost in the project phase and help you with detail-solutions before the procurement phase.

We work on all buildings; from the newly built to renovating old estates of any kind. Our specialty is façades and roofing in zinc, slate, copper, aluminium, tombak, stainless steel, brass and bronze.

Case of consultancy; from Hotel Kong Frederik in Copenhagen:

We were asked to examine the hotel’s penthouse rooms, and find the reason for water, dripping from the skylight in the ceiling.

When we started our examination of the top of the flat roof, the roofing spaces and side panels we found that the woodwork underneath the roofing-felt was soaked in water. The reason for the water retention was; there wasn’t enough ventilation in the construction. We advised on, and later design and installed, ventilation caps for the side panels. Furthermore we advised that the same procedure should be conducted for the top of the roof.