Samsung metal

This is a Korean product. This company has been in existence since 1969 and has experimented with various methods of patinating copper. The method that impresses us the most is their ability to create pre-patinated copper, meaning they can make a copper plate green to resemble aged copper.
Furthermore, the patina remains intact even when working with it. This is quite impressive as it is not achieved through the use of paint or any other additive but rather through accelerated aging.

We were highly impressed when Samsung Metal chose Toft Kobber AS as their distributor here in Denmark. If copper for the roof or facade is not affordable, they also offer pre-patinated stainless steel, which can be installed in the same way as copper.

There are a total of four standard colours available, ranging from shades of grey to nearly black. It is a great alternative for those seeking a durable solution lasting more than 30- 50 years.

Samsung Metal & TOFT Kobber AS

We became partners in late September 2014, making us the sole distributors for the Danish market. Additionally, we can also supply to the German and Norwegian markets if there is interest.

The copper products we offer include:

  • SMC-Patina 3000, Verdigris or green copper
  • SMC-Dark Brown Copper, Dark patinated copper almost black
  • SMC-Light Brown Copper, maroon

Furthermore, we also have a range of stainless-steel plates available in four different shades of grey. From dark to light grey. Please feel free to call or write for more information if you would like further details. We are more than happy to come and visit you.