• New Gangnam project i South Korea
    Delivered by Samsung Metal

  • New Gangnam project South Korea
    Delivered by Samsung Metal

  • New Gangnam project in South Korea
    Delivered by Samsung Metal

Samsung Metal

It’s a Korean product and the company has existed since 1969. They experiment with a broad variety of patinating of copper. One of the varieties I’m most impressed about is the way where as they can pre-patinat copper. This means that the copperplates become green, so it looks like patinated copper. You can work with the copper without the patina chipping of, it’s simply impressing. The patina is not a coat of paint, its accelerated aging of the copper’s surface. I’m very proud to say, that Samsung Metal has chosen Toft Copper as their retailer in Denmark.

Furthermore they have accomplished patina in 2 other beautiful colours. See the pictures!

If you can’t afford copper roofing or façades, there is another possibility – they patinats stainless steel too which can be used in the same way as copper. There are 4 colours in total from grey tones to almost black. It’s a great alternative when you want something, with a lifespan for more than 30-50 years.