Toft Copper w/ Brian Toft has a service department and a project department.

In the service department we maintain traditional roofing assignments such as:

  • Sealing of various roof types
  • Cleaning, repairing or renewing gutters and downpipes
  • Sealing or renewing of zinc or copper on dormers and dormer windows

We work closely together with various insurance companies.

In the project department we are maintaining bigger tasks. Projects here are often conducted out in close collaboration with architects or engineers. One of our greatest ambitions is to contribute to pleasant collaboration on the construction sites.


The missions is; in close collaboration with our customers and craftsmen to build and develop right, and long-term, solutions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house or a castle – everybody should have quality as an option. Furthermore it’s our mission to, as company; contribute to preservation of the craft and the high standards in the future within the industry.

As part of that ideology Brian Toft is appointed by Tekniq, technical organization, to the think tank for developing EVU courses for the plumbing and roofing craft.

Brian Toft is an appointed Censor at Roskilde Technical School, the plumbing section.


  • Façade covering and roofing in copper, zinc, brass, bronze, slate and tombak
  • Dye-in the repair to match the original design, so the reparation blends in
  • Renovating worn down slate-, zinc- and copper roofs
  • Subcontracting for artists whom have needed special copper projects
  • Handicraft in copper and brass
  • Signs, logos and special assignments where zinc, copper and brass are included

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