For the past 15 years, a sense of responsibility, particularly towards the environment, has been central to our daily operations on construction sites, in the workshop, and at the office.
From handling materials with respect, such as collecting copper scraps that would otherwise be discarded to promote recycling, to fostering a culture that supports the well-being of our employees, it has become an integral part of our business’s foundation, if not a fundamental prerequisite for our daily activities.

Today, this sense of responsibility has become ingrained in all our employees. We are committed to making thoughtful and conscious choices regarding our interactions with one another, materials, work processes, and, consequently, the history we contribute to through the renovations, which constitute our primary business.

You can read examples of the conscious choices we continuously make on this page.

Responsibility in materials

The Copper we install
For us, it’s about preserving and utilizing existing copper, supporting long- term durability, and thus environmental awareness. This approach makes sense both economically and environmentally.

Whenever we remove old copper plates from roofs, dormers, downspouts, and gutters, we always send them for recycling. This also applies to offcuts and small scraps, which are natural remnants when installing new copper roofs.

The copper we use for our renovation projects is sourced from Aurobis. One of the reasons we collaborate with them is that up to 97% of their copper production is based on recycling. Regardless of shape, age, or the verdigris hue, Aurobis can melt worn-out copper down into new copper multiple times. This means that we do not use new copper, and, therefore, we contribute to conserving resources in copper mining.

You can learn more about Aurobis and their approach here.

Find Aurubis EPD here: 

The wood used as substrate by our partners
We install our copper roofs on high-quality wood to ensure the longevity of our solutions. The wood comes from Northern Norway and Finland. It’s over 100 years old and originates from slow-growing tree species with tight annual rings.

We always purchase it through the carpentry contractors who can deliver the wood quality we desire.

Various Certifications, etc. –> click here 
–> Aurobis

Waste and recycling
In cases where we remove copper, we always assess whether we can reuse the underlying wood. This depends, among other factors, on how closely the copper on the previous roof adhered to the wood and the quality of the previous roof. The worse the copper work, for instance, the seams, the more water and moisture the wood has been exposed to over the lifespan of the structure.

If we cannot use the wood ourselves, we send it for recycling, often in collaboration with Genbyg, who resells it.

Our employees
We hire the best person for the job in our company. By doing so, we promote greater job satisfaction among employees and colleagues. We appreciate that our employees contribute daily to maintaining a positive work environment.

Employees have free access to psychologists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and spring water at construction site huts.
At Toft Kobber AS, the well-being of our employees always takes precedence, followed by quality, customer satisfaction, and, lastly, finances.

Vehicle fleet
Approximately five years ago, we replaced our vehicle fleet with new vans equipped with AdBlue, more cost-effective and improved filters. These are continuously replaced.

We have calculated and evaluated the possibility of switching to electric vans. However, currently, it is not optimal for our employees to charge their vehicles at or near our worksites.

In Copenhagen, there is a high demand for relatively few charging stations compared to the number of electric vehicles. This would require installing charging stations at each employee’s home or having employees spend time driving to the workshop to charge.

When the electric grid and charging infrastructure are more developed in Greater Copenhagen and the infrastructure is improved, we will reconsider electric transport solutions.

Financial responsibility
We value the material’s long-lasting quality and believe in advising our clients responsibly. This also includes not replacing copper roofs that still meet requirements and have the necessary integrity. For example, we refrained from replacing the dormers on the Eremitageslottet (Eremitage Palace) because they still had approximately 40 years of good condition remaining.

In cases where we assess that only parts of the roof require repair, replacing individual copper plates can extend the roof’s lifespan.

By avoiding unnecessary replacement of copper products, we contribute to minimizing resource waste and environmental impact. Our approach to economic sustainability, therefore, revolves around preserving and utilizing existing copper in a responsible manner, ensuring both long-term durability and environmental consciousness. Internally, we have minimized the use of paper to nearly nothing.

Social responsibility outside the company
Over the years, we have supported several community centres by decorating their spaces partially through sponsorship, allowing them to have something beautiful to enjoy.

Additionally, we continually provide sponsorship to organizations such as those supporting individuals with disabilities and charitable causes, among others.