Le Somelier Bar, Copenhagen Airport, Air Side

In an area a bit too small for this project, the bar was mounted.
Tight schedules and logistics between the different kind of craftsmanship, made this task to an all-in-all exiting project to be part of!

When you work in Copenhagen Airport, the noise has to stay under 70 dB, which isn’t very much when you’re using sanders and hammers.

This profile is developed in collaboration with Toft Coppers German subcontractor.
The width of the profile is 20 mm and when you curve the zinc, the metal stretches at the extremities and bend outwards at the middle, this was one of the more demanding tasks. We ended up developing special tools to complet this part of the bar!

This was the drawing we worked from. As you can see it’s fairly easy to construct the straight lines of the bar – but when it starts to get curvy it’s a whole different story!

We were really impressed by the result. Can you imagine the satisfaction in construting something, that acturely can’t be build? But build it anyway!

We were challenged in many different ways.
Just getting the materials through Security takes up a quarter of a workday – on top of that, the material were more than 2 meters long and very very wide. That’s not an everyday sight at the Security counter!

Henrik is grinding the tabletop so that we could mount the edges

Because of the relativly strict deadline, we had to work long hours

That the zinc patinates fast only makes it prettier and at the same time it’s relatively free of maintenance

The outer frame of the bar equals approx 35 meters and in total the bar is 10 meters long, so to say it’s a small bar that would be lying!

Handmade by Toft Copper!

Kaj Iversen from SSP Denmark asked if we could build a new bar in Copenhagen Airport. It would soon show to be an assignment with a great deal of difficult challenges. The edges for the bar were a task in itself, let alone to get them approved.

When we started to work on the rounded profiles for the bar, we learned from our suppliers that you normally would cast the zinc bar – and not as we did, make it out of zinc sheets. So we continued with the sheet work, why be ordinary?
The rounded profiles were really difficult to conduct, they had to fit the drawings – but the drawings doesn’t alway comply with reality.

Despite the challenges, it was an exiting assignment where both our skills and our good mood was paramount!

SSP Danmark, Kaj Iversen, Karina Jensen
Kullegaard Architects, Anne Larsen, Simon Møgelhøj
The end of 2012