Amalienborg, København

Then it was a flagpole cover that had to be changed. When working on listed buildings, it is still permissible and even a requirement to cover objects as in the old days. In this case, it will mean lead. When you work in castles and castles you also work in history – it can give a rush in the stomach. There is always some work that just needs a little bit of exterreity, such as this fade in a feeding. It had been leaking, which is why I opened the falsetto, cleaned these and smeared some new umbrakit, which I myself touched and closed the falsetto. After 3 months and a lot of rain, I found that the bezel was close. Tonny is in the process of forming the cover. And nice was the 🙂 At some point, the cornice tape had to be insepared and corrected. It’s just one of the many jobs that there are all the time. Incidentally, there were many injuries…………… The son has taken a timeout from his studies and before he goes on to DTU, he is looking at us until the start of the study in 2011. Here’s another view of the newly renovated mansion that our Crown Prince couple will soon move into. It is challenge on challenge that comes from our old castles and castles. Among other things, we had a feeding that was leaking in a fold. Here we managed to open this fold, stir up a new special chewy umbrakit, close the bezel again and thereby achieve density in the bezel. I just performed repairs on the copper roof at The House in Christian VII’s Mansion Garden. There was a hole in a vagueness that hasn’t been put on hold. Here I agreed, in consultation with the court’s architect, that a repair was all it took in the first place. The last shot on the trunk was a leaking flagpole’s cover on C7, which was switched.

“It is the meticulousness of the job that determines whether it is a success.”  Brian Toft

The Palaces and Properties Agency
from 2006 – 2010