Marienlyst Castle, Helsingør

We have prepared for the mounting of the balustrade made in concrete.

On flat copper roof it’s very difficult to conduct the roofing so it doesn’t become leaky. The craftsmen at Toft Copper knows the technique to secure the foldings, so that they will stay dry

At Toft Copper we like to conducte our work as bump-free as possible. It requires highly skilled craftsmen and an understandig of the metal you’re working with

We’re preparing the mounting of a tree-terrace

A craftsman will now and then complete tasks where the end-result will make him think “Did I just create that?”
These details are very beautiful. To make such details you have to be patience and you have to know your craft!

Toft Copper participated in a public tender for the renovation of the castles copper roof, and won the bidding process.

This castle is owned by Helsingør Municipality, who has owned the buildings since 1851. Bo Christiansen from Obicon and architect Bente Lange designed the project in such way so the renovation for posterity will look authentic.

The assignment

After we had secured the public contract, Brian Toft met with Bo Christiansen to make a game plan. But as it often happens, we are not the only ones working on the roof. The woodworks were carried out as traditional wood-deck for copper roofing; the carpenters really did a great piece of work. Our work intertwined with the mason company Øens Murefirma and with Rubin Stuk, the stucco company. At one point we were all a bit worried that we wouldn’t manage to be ready before deadline. When Helsingør Municipality didn’t want to sell the castle anyway, the deadline was changed so we could complete the beautiful work on the roof.

Bo Christiansen

Bente Lange Architect

Helsingør Municipality
Orbicon, Bo Christiansen og arkitekt Bente Lange