Copper roof at the Royal Danish Academy of Music

Welcome to the roof of the old Radio House, now the Royal Danish Academy of Music on Rosenørns Allé in Frederiksberg. Here, we have replaced the entire copper roof of the concert hall.
Challenge: The existing roof had a problem with water leaking into the concert hall, particularly near the location of the organ.

We had professional climbers inspect the roof for leaks and they stopped counting at 350 cracks.
It became clear that the roof needed complete replacement, not just repairs.


Scope of the project:

The roof is double-curved, both longitudinally and transversely, posing significant challenges in execution as copper sheets had to be intricately installed. Adequate ventilation was ensured through roof vents to guarantee the necessary airflow for the roof to last more than a century.

In total, 1400 m2 of roofing was crafted by hand, along with 100 m2 of gutters and parapets. Approximately 2 km of high seams, 1.4 km of cross seams, and 6-700,000 folds were meticulously worked on over the course of approximately 15 months.


Technical and Environmental Perspective:

The old copper roof was so leaky that the underlying boards and insulation had to be removed, and a new structure had to be established.


Additional Information:

The Royal Danish Academy of Music required that all concerts be held during the construction period, which meant that we couldn’t work on the roof during concert times. This also resulted in a relatively small workforce on-site. Nevertheless, we managed to complete the project one month ahead of schedule and within budget.

PFA Ejendomme