Bentsonzvej 52 B, Frederiksberg

There wasn’t much to work on. I had bullets and wreaths pressed up, which you always get. Then we started producing the oxeye. It is essential that you have some good tools. Finally, about 10 working days later, the ox eye was completely finished. Set up on the tower. Then there’s the skiffer work. Then skiffs came on and were covered. Nice work the other contractor done – beautiful roof. The finished work didn’t get so bad even. In addition to assisting artists with copper works, this small task is probably one of the funniest and hardest tasks we have solved. Gunnar Nielsen, from the time the architectural firm Plan2, called because he knew we could do the job. He had a case going on where the plumber on the case wouldn’t tie up with the assignment. That’s why we came into the picture. After a quick chat, we started the task and solved it to everyone’s delight. The funny thing was that we were putting about 900 m2 of ribbon-false zinc at Frederikssund hospital the new D.S. and had talked about us being ahead and couldn’t move forward. In came the job here. When we finished, it was exhibited at the technical school on Drejrevej on Nørrebro.

The Cooperative Housing Association 52 m.fl.
Plan2 architects, Gunnar Nielsen