The Royal Library, Holms Building

Then there is the worktable, where Tonny is about to do the bulkhead. The view from our scaffold overlooking the library garden. Beautiful is the view. That’s how it was finished and proud we are. As extra protection in the bulkhead, we have fitted a “victim” piece so that bulkheads have a longer lifespan. Due to the release of small particles of the owls, the copper wears out over about 50 years. Therefore, it is assumed at the top of the car that you have replaced the bulkhead once. On the previous solution, the material itself has not been respected, and “just” bowed a 2 meter trench. There was a call this spring when I was told that 2 pcs of leaking twigs had to be replaced. We got ordered some scaffolding and then had to get started. The weather was with us. And then it was just getting started. Fun little job.

A twig is changed on Holm’s old building.

The long buildings on the north side and south side of the Royal Library on Slotsholmen are Proviantgården from 1603 and tøjhuset from 1604, which together form the Tøjhus complex and was built by Christian 4. with Berendt Petersen van Campen as architect. When you work at the Royal Library, it is helpful for self-help to familiarize yourself with the history of the buildings. For example, Holm’s building is called Holm because the architect was called Holm, and the small concrete block that was built outside Holm’s building is called Hansen, and no architect was called “Black Diamond”. The old Galaj building, of which Holm’s building is part, dates back to 1598-1602. Its function then was that the ships sailed into the dock and were repaired and supplied. The fact that it is the Royal Library today is a long and exciting story today. You have to say that these are impressive buildings that you get to work on. There is a myriad of small details everywhere, so if you look properly, you can see that there has been time when the house was built to make the beautiful details. To embark on such a twig is a rush through time, where one wonders how many before one has even changed the copper. The task itself contains some details that require a little attention, but it takes time to change the copper on the twigs when the quality should be top notch.

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