Metropol Kuplen – Frederiksberggade 16, Strøget

Finished work – a task that we are very proud of. See the process in the pictures below. We have in-depth material if you are interested in more information about this.

When the lens of the camera and the sun are at the right angle, then one can see on the copper that such works can be performed

The whole process ran in a super good collaboration, where I had entered with some of the best inside for their various subjects. When everything comes together, it’s fun to build. The construction manager from the architectural firm and the owner of the building, was very much in on wanting the good quality.

The copper covers Ole and Henrik, who primarily walked on this dome, were challenged in many respects, they thought it was good that their craft was challenged in the way that it did.

For this task, a number of special tools were also carried out, which always become these types of tasks.


When making the tower on the curved, then it is important to be able to do its techniques.

Here we proved that the large rounding up, which also arches in two directions, can be performed dentlessly.

For informational purposes, it is not pressed up on machine, it is pure needlework throughout.

It is usually not difficult to make one profile in copper, it is much harder and must make a minimum of 30 pieces which must then be completely the same and fit together.


The arched roof finished.

Notice how uniform the seams are and that there are no dents in the surfaces of the copper.


During the construction, many considerations must be taken and many tests carried out to ensure that the copper is completely close to the substrate and the falsetto follows the arch in a fine uniform arc.

This is where you can tell if it’s a copper cover-up that’s done the work or a plumber. It takes a lot of routine to be able to false as well and uniformly.

In the phase here, where the copper tracks have different targets all the way up, the challenge in the measurement is that a hand-built dome is not always just round all over the place. We took that into account in our measurement, and made our copper tracks so they looked straight ahead. They’re not the same all over the place. But they look straight when you look at them.

Forrest walks Henrik and measures the roof out. It took three days to make it fit.

Behind it, the joiner is installing the ornament tree for the tower on the dome.

The joiner told me at one point that the actual construction of the hull, with buckets, etc. is to some extent equivalent to building a boat ??? It was absolutely breathtaking to see how a joiner can just his craft.


When the joiner is working , here the different lists on roofs are adapted

Here, compensatory pieces and profiles are cut into different dimensions so that everything fits and the dome has maximum strength with the thin boards.