Orla Lehmanns Vej 3 A-F, Frederiksberg

The roof is ready for the slate

If you want zinc to last in 60 years, it must be placed on white wood. The durability is on all other surfaces or membranes reduced

There was lowered chutes on the side of all dormers, we knew from the get-go that this could become a challenge. But we’re pretty pleased with our solution!

The zinc is placed directly on the wood in the chute, this solution and the ventilation of the underroof should secure a lifespan for the zinc on approx 60 years

The valley gutter you see here, is in some way an apprenticeship test. We had a new employee on the construction site and we wanted to see his craftsmanship. That’s approved!

Another small challenge; a corner with a lot of zinc in different levels. It’s not difficult to lay zinc on a corner, but to construct the corner so the end-result looks smooth is a bit more challenging

No doubt, this was the right solution. Nice and even!

See how straight and even the slate lies. This is a beautiful sight!

Det er meget vigtigt, når man påbegynder et løb med rygning eller gratkant, at endetræet ikke er blottet. Billedet er taget af fotograf Carsten Lundager. Fræk vinkel og smukt arbejde.

Getting to this beautiful result were complicated, especially when working on an old and somewhat skewed building.
When working with slate you have to be aware of the tolerances, which is quite small approx +/- 1 mm, measured 1 meter upwards on the roof

The slate is a natural product which by its nature isn’t 100 % even. But a skilled roofer can deliver a result like this – flawless!

In a process where different craftsmen collaborate – and the collabortation is functioning – the end-result will always end up as a beatiful pieces of work!

On rare occasions assignments finds us and not the other way around. Toft Copper got this assignment because Anne from NTC recommended us to her co-worker Lasse. We got together and talked price and the content of the assignment. This case contained 1.300 m2 slate roof, 35 dormers, a lot of gutters and downpipes and different kind of edging.

From time to time we conduct projects where we doesn’t work with copper but other roofing materials, but our work ethics is always the same. Only high quality – everytime! The craftsmen on this assignment only had one focus; to make the most beautiful and functional slate and zinc roof in all of Frederiksberg. The end-result certainly speaks for itself, mission accomplished!

About the build:

In the process of selecting suppliers we chose “Danish Copper sale” (Dansk Kobbersalg) to delivering of the slate; the quality is outstanding and their service too.

It was a complicated task and a quarter into the building process we discovered, that the roof construction needed supported by steel struts. It pushed the timetable in the wrong direction, but we managed to overcome this challenge too!

The client chose in collaboration with the advisers, not to change the outer part of the dormers. They estimated that it would be able to last approx 15 years, with the state it was in at the time. We found that the best result would have been to change it all, but we fully understand the reasoning behind; because it was a significant additional cost to renovate all 35 dormers. Instead we created some great transitions to the existing dormers.

Link to NTC  www.ntc.dk

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