Brolæggerstræde 3, Copenhagen K

The finished product. It´s not really visible, just because it’s made right and we’ve made the lead coverings as small as possible. A very difficult task because it was very compact. There were times when there were 7 craftsmen on the same scaffolding, the same day. When loose edges are set up, they are compassionately set according to the old traditions. The solutions we chose in consultation with the architect Camilla were based on the best solution in relation to the house. Here’s how to solve the covers around the twigs on the street side. Simply getting tiles and twigs with the enclosures to fit required some work and surveying. The finished result went into a higher unit, so that the building today still appears beautiful and aesthetic. Every once in a while, the architect gets a renovation on his drawing board, where you have no doubt about the complexity of the task in question. This was such a case that we were invited to give price on and we won. About the building itself:  Together with Camilla Løntoft Nybye who is Architect M.A.A., MSc from Karsten Rønnow’s design studio, the case was carried out so that the residents and users have a newly renovated roof. There were surprises along the way, but none, the various craft subjects could not cope. We had the next all the lead and the zinc on the roof, with the walls and carpentry. We also had 2 French balconies built into the manzarden in the courtyard, where there used to be windows. Erik Mellgren Barlebo sent an email around the final phase in excitement about the craftsmanship of all of us. He wrote:

“Dear everyone, I would like to thank you – also on behalf of the association – for the very good work done by all the craftsmen and our architects. It is a pleasure to look at the work and the result. My good friend Niels Kold Olesen, who has considerably better sense of quality than I have, is very impressed. The repairs are clearly better than the roof deserves. Bravo. Best regards, Yours sincerely Erik Mellgren Barlebo, Brolæggerstræde 3, 4. 1211 Copenhagen K. Denmark”

That said, it should also be mentioned that the occupants of the property count 5 architects, 1 economist and a real estate agent. A link to Karsten Rønnow’s Drawing Room is: www.

owners’ association Brolæggerstræde 3, Copenhagen k
Karsten Rønnows Tegnestue, Camilla Løntoft Nybye M.A.A., MSc