Urban Outfitters, Pilestrædet, Copenhagen

Working with semi-hard-to-do pre-made plates requires a lot of technique. You can’t heat them to soften the copper. It should not look too beaten up, but the matter didn’t get any easier when we had to put the copper up on a fire that wasn’t stiff enough. I’d say it was impossible to knock out any dents. We didn’t go to the “steel” but to the copper. The result was approved by the builder. Because of the very short construction time, it was a hard nut to crack. But that cuddle. Keops called. The developer wanted two copper walls set up inside the store. The price was accepted. We were going to get started. I was told that the chief architect had stood in piles strait and looked up at the roof of the stock exchange and said that such a few facades we should have inside the shop. As I said so done. There was far too little time and too many workers, but the work was finished 2 days before the agreed delivery time.

Jan Stockholm