Copper assignment in Holte

As for all craftsmen on this assignment, our smith had to be creative. Here he has created the frames for the skylights we installed in the terrace floor. Not at all an easy assignment It was a challenge for the joiner to cover the frame with wood. After several attempts he found the right quality and stability to support the heavy window glass – each skylight weighed approximately 350 kg. We tested the frame’s capacity to carry the skylight before we added the copper, to see if it was strong enough. It didn’t budge or even creak! After covering the frame with copper, we had to make an edge where the glass could lie. The way the frame were constructed made the height and width of the edge, a bit tricky to bend the copper over The almost completed skylights without copper edging. The task of completing the copper edging would prove to be harder than first expected. Let’s just say – it wasn’t a walk in the park! Beautiful, simple and funtional. The road to this beautiful end-result would prove to anything else but simple – but it strengthended the teamwork among the craftsmen! This old roof needed some attention and the client wanted it to match the new skylights The old roof were made with a technique called staggered roofing. It’s relatively common in masonry and old copper roofing. So the new roof were of cause, if I may add, laid with the same technique! Her har vi en ganske almindelig løskant. Hådværket her er dog udsøgt, idet vi har banket løskanten rundt. Normalt vil vores kollegaer typisk klippe den, så den kan bukkes. Det var ikke nemt, men det var sjov at lave, bare fordi vi kan. The renovation and new build were conducted in a collaboration between engineer Bo Christiansen from Obicon A/S and architect Bente Lange. We were assigned the construction and mounting of skylights and copper roofs. We had to think outside the box when we created the round skylights. Fortunately we were able to draw on our extensive experience with copper work, thus we were in position to deliver beautiful and long-lasting results. Especially the flat skylights were a tough challenge – but we’re very pleased by the end-result!

Bente Lange