Hjalmar Brantings Plads 8

The task starts thus. An old zinc tower is to be replaced for copper. Since we remove the zinc we can find that the wood all the way to the king and queens is ready for replacement. The carpenters started to re-build the tower. When you start building up the tower, it is always a good idea to think about how and what principles you want to work for. We did not choose the lowest gate in the fence, and completely agreed with the customer that it should be quality. The bulkhead is laid all round. There were also other tasks on the building. Among other things, 3 new twigs had to be built and of course roofing and downflows had to be made, plus various traditional enclosures. A different twig with large lysine drop. We were skeptical to start with, but had to surrender. It was clear to everyone that the architect’s idea of mounting twigs on the roof con-stuction was a pure success. It was a small challenge that the different roof surfaces met and were not quite straight and with a small pergode at the top of the roof, it did not make it easier, but more fun. When we had to lay gutters, the customer had a desire to save, and we agreed to buy gutters and downs finished, but to perform all bends on downs like bayonet knees and knee tubes. The Developer, Customs and The Tax Association came to us and asked us to execute a number plate in copper. As I said – so done. At the same time, they asked for a logo plate – it was also done. I was asked about a handrail for the building. The developer and I agreed that it was going to be something spectacular. I walked around the building for a few hours, so it’s far from and close. It had to match the building – I was very excited about the outcome when I arrived and mounted a very simple handrail. The developer was extremely satisfied. When a customer calls and says they must have just done a copper tower, you naturally start the task with care. A fun little task, which, to a lesser extent, had some challenge in it. A task where the main contractor and craftsmen have worked together for a long time and can therefore solve a complicated task in terms of execution and good craftsmanship – in cooperation.

Bolux and the Danish Customs and Tax Association
Larsen Facade A/S