Nytorv 3, Nordea


Larsen Facade A/S called and said we were going to start a new Nordea case – Nytorv 3. The task was to replace the roof in the backyard as well as associated gutters and downs. A funny case in many ways. For example, we were allowed to put our workshop container right on top of Chr. IV’s gl. Copenhagen town hall.

The finished roof. During the construction period there was hectic busyness, to find solutions that were sustainable. One of the examples was that the cutting on the manzard roof was originally made with quarter cut stones, which we changed. When we started I called Velux to order a cover for the velux window at the bulkhead. I was told that it was far too old and that they were not carrying out these covers any more. It only meant that I made the cover myself. The finished roof was quite nice, especially since the carpenters from Lennart Brink A/S took great pains. It was a pure delight to put the skiffer on so straight pleats. Surely the most straight tag we’ve ever put skiffs on. But they are also clearly visible – not a skifferstone flapping. The interplay between the craftsmen and the construction management when you work for Larsen Facade A/S is one of the things you enjoy. There is freedom to carry out his craft and it is taken into account that not everything should be pushed through on a very close schedule.

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