Orlogsmuseet, Christianshavn

We have worked a lot for the Danish Palaces and Property Agency over the years. This was another task to be solved. The roof, as it came to look, with new tiled roofs and zinc coverings on the twigs. The finished result with yellow-calcified façades, new tiled roof and zinc, gives a nice result. When you work for the Palaces and Property Agency, it is just as with other customers for us. Quality on time, we do not discuss. This task literally came flying in from the right during a summer vacation. Karsten Rønnows Tegnestue called and asked if we could change some zinc on some twigs – NOW. The construction case had started as a façade renovation. When the scaffolding came up, the developer and the architect found that the zinc was in a much poorer condition than first thought. Something had to be done.

The Palaces and Properties Agency
Karsten Rønnows Tegnestue, Anders H. Jespersen