Marselisborg Castle, Århus

When we arrived to the castle we were accommodated in rooms in the castle. Every morning there were breakfast serving – it was amazing and the journeymen were quite impressed. We only had to think about the renovation. With the utmost caution we got the old and drafty valley gutters dismantled, so we could inspect the damages. Dismantling of an old copper roof, so you can’t see the renovation from the ground, requires patience and many years of experience. The makeshift workshop we had, didn’t ease the job of preparing valley gutters. But here it is and it fits! With caution, highly skilled copper journeymen and a great deal of patience, the assignment were completed. The end-result speaks for itself! These three men supervised the renovation of the tower. Jørgen has for decades taken care of the castle – he knows everything there is to know about Marselisborg. A man with a great sences of humor. The man in the midlde is our roofer Claus and on the left-hand side is it our roofer Henrik. A real roofing assignment, where we had to renovate a copper roof which were more than 80 years old. As roofer on assignments like this, you have to know what you are doing. The smallest mistake, and a renovation can turn into a complete rebuild.

H.M. Queen Margrethe II.
Jørgen, Gartner