copper roof at the Royal Danish Academy of Music

Get behind the scenes and get an insight into how we make a beautiful and solid copper roof that can last for over 100 years at the Royal Danish Academy of Music (Radiohuset) in Frederiksberg. When a roof is double-arched like this, it places extra demands on the craft. Although the roof looks light, it is actually very difficult to perform so the whole roof is tension free and can last for 100 years +. This places really great demands on the copper decks that carry out the work, but certainly also the surface on which it is built. Therefore, it is a pleasure to work with a professional team as in this case where the client is PFA Ejendomme as well as skilled advisers, craftsmen and not least committed users of the concert hall. We have come a long way since the video above a little over a month ago, and we are pleased that the schedule and budget have been met so far, and that we can look forward to to hand in the project in March. It is no secret that it takes a strong joint effort to get a project of this size running on rails, and on that occasion I would like to thank our partners again for their significant efforts to succeed. During the project, I had the honor of showing the City’s Network around the Royal Danish Academy of Music. It was a nice morning with many good questions and sparring between colleagues in the industry. We were even lucky that the concert hall was vacant and we were allowed to get a tour of the beautiful architectural hall 🙂 I would like to say many thanks to all of you who participated, to the city network for arranging and to PFA and Newsec who stand for the project and operation of this beautiful property.


PFA Ejendomme