A villa in Allerød

The scaffolding had to be built up to fit the laying of copper roofs. There are many ways to do it. If you want to dent your copper plates as little as possible, you need to get them to the roof as stress-free as possible. That is why I drew that ramp for the scaffolding man so he could see what I meant. Before you start, it is especially important that you draw up the roof so that you are sure not and get unpleasant surprises in the form of very difficult and clumsy joints. Here we are laying one of the pages. When the sign is drawn up on the roof itself, the roof is also avoided from “tipping over”. Unfortunately, you see that occasionally. When laying copper roofs like this dent less, it is very important that all parameters are in play, such as the under-ing, the venting of the roof compartment and the handling of the copper plates. The grat and smoking closure we chose was the part of the saving, since a falset closure would be considerably more expensive. I presented our customer the solution, after which she said that in any case, she liked the “cheap” solution. Seen with the finished roof, I must agree with her. It fits the house incredibly well and is just more beautiful than a traditional closure. The finished and beautiful house after the renovation. When working with a customer, such as the cooperation we had established, it is a pure pleasure to be a craftsman It is nice to see that some private people really understand how to behave extremely professionally in relation to the construction case, as our customer here. Builder:  PrivateLy  Executed in 2010 A private customer called me and said she wanted an offer for a copper roof on her villa. I went out there and met a special customer who knew what she wanted. We looked at the roof, took some general belsutations about the performance. I sent the offer, which had to be addressed in price terms about the services. The customer said yes – and then we got started. Here’s what the customer wrote about his building experience:  “Starting point:  70s house in redstone with tiled roof that split and crumbled. The house originally equipped with some copper (drainpipes, etc.) Wish:  A problem-free roof in matching colors and materials and in a solid craftsmanship  Choice: Copper roof (among other things, inspired to article series on the pros and cons of different roof coverings in one of the major newspapers in 2006)  Result: Preliminary beautiful. Exciting to see when it starts to irre. In 100 years’, time, it is too early to comment.