Vestergade 18 – 20, Copenhagen

It’s important to be able to look down the street. Of course, knee tubes were made on the drains. Then I had to produce an old-fashioned roof window with a not too big bottom. It was supposed to be in a bulkhead. The bulkhead itself was frustrating for the carpenter – it was VERY crooked – and had to connect the two roof surfaces and at the same time just look fairly. Note that the enclosure is not located right in the bulkhead. There was a window in the way. The scotting was performed as list tag cover. Working on listed properties is a complicated business. Many public bodies have been involved, including the Heritage Agency, which oversees building cases on listed properties. The cooperation between the architect from Datea’s project department and the Cultural Heritage Agency made results that were to everyone’s satisfaction. For example, a ventilation chimney was needed. It turned into a ventilation tower and not a chimney, as future users were also sown. There is nothing like a newly renovated old building. Of course, the façade was not painted, but calcified, giving it a beautiful and slightly rustic surface. Seen from vestergade when you look up. Another job well done. Dades has many properties. Here I was invited to carry out a renovation task, where some of the house is protected/worthy of preservation. It was some skilled craftsmen and a dynamic management from Datea’s project department, which allowed the work to be carried out despite significant obstacles. It was a matter for Dades that this property had to be renovated gently. The original building principles had to be taken into account, and the building had to appear beautiful and as in the “old” days.


The roof did not have to be straightened – you had to build crookedly!!!! Usually it’s not hard to build awry when you’re building. But here it should be skewed on target. It requires its craftsman – and everyone could his craft.

Datea’s project department by architect Anders C. Hald