Øregaard High School, New building, Gersonsvej 32, 2900 Hellerup

The fact that you do not see the sign so clearly is a bit of a sight, as it is quite clear when you stand on the spot. See the bottom left corner.

Being allowed to make letters in tombak and copper is a challenge we love here in the company. The more intricate and difficult it is, the more fun it will be. So I gave the case about a split second thought before I said YES and THANK YOU to perform these.

We see ourselves as a great strength. One of them is to dye zinc, copper, brass, tombak and aluminum. It’s a sport I’ve been practicing for more than 20 years now. Here I heard what Mette said when she had to describe what she wanted. Then the right chemicals were put into action and vupti, then the letters were dyed. Sounds easy not true…………

Something came on my fingers and I looked like a hardened smoker, despite the fact that I’ve never smoked a cigarette. It took a scrub to get your fingers clean again.

The abbreviation on Øregård Gynmasium was, of course, AndG, it was in all the papers. When I saw in an email correspondence came to write “old horse”, there was a laugh a little.

Seen down the street. Here you can really see how we were challenged. Too bad you don’t quite see the bottom of the top. One should notice the bulging assembly of the copper, it is not easy.

N.H.Hansen called and asked if we had the opportunity to mount some copper on some façades of a new building at Øregaard Gymnasium. I drove out and looked at the task and the challenges, and said nicely “yes thank you”.

The task was straightforward, as it was a new building that should have imposed copper. The architect Mette Prip Bonnét from Rønnow Architects had already asked if I could carry out signs with light in which had the same color as the copper.


Øregård Gymnasium
Kgl. bygningsinspektør Rønnow Arkitekter, Mette Prip Bonnét