The church at Regensen, Founded in 1569 by King Frederik the II

The morning star that we dismantled and prepared for the painter. When dismantling the work of others, you are always a little excited about how good or how good the work is done by your predecessors. The morning star itself is super work, done by a skilled coppersmith/copper cover. But the replacement of the foot piece was not particularly successful, unfortunately. We had to make up for that. First, the old lead had to be cleaned up well. Then new lead and copper were soldered. And then, of course, Niels Friis from WOHLERT Arkiteker will present the crowning glory. A construction case that ran according to plan, even the schedule – A good collaboration is worth “gold” A Larsen Facade case, where Niels Friis from Wohlert Arkitekter stands as architect and building manager. It was a minor task where the roof of the church building had to be replaced. But exciting when the replacement was on a very historic building. The whole area is buzzing with history. When we were about to start, it initially became only 2 bulkheads, which had to be refitted, and 2 roof windows. One had sensibly enough, chosen to reuse the extant gutters, which do nothing wrong at all, and can last for many years to come. When you enter into a construction task like this, you can see that almost all that has been done from old times is quality. When you stand in the courtyard and look around, you can see when the different buildings are built for, and then there is the best view of the Round Tower. REGENSEN: “Collegium regium” as it is originally called.

A task with history back in several centuries.

The next roof will lie for many years to come. The construction case itself consisted of: two shoe entrances, a flagpole cover and a delivery of 2 roof windows, then it was over. The delivery consisted of 2 9 stone windows from the iron foundry Velamp in Vejen. We arrived and laid our shoe tresths. Not the big deal. The construction case was over before it almost began. On the flip side, some lead covers had to be renovated which was not the big problem either.


The construction case took a turn

Suddenly, the construction case took a small turn, it had been found that the Regensens morning star had been vandalized earlier in the form of some tape around the gilding. A gilding can’t stand that. Upon closer inspection, it was found that there were also some holes that needed to be repaired before it had to be gilded. Architect Niels Friis called and asked us to do the job. We started to solve this task immediately. We found that in the past there have been problems in getting the footpiece close. It had been soldered in 1964, when a new footpiece was set for the morning star. Here we have replaced the foot, knowing that a soldering does not last. Instead, we have boiler-forged the transition together and put umbrakit in the collection. So now it’s close there for the next 100 years. We also had to just stroke a few holes that had arisen due to the passage of time. Then it was sent to the painter and given a new gold leaf coating. Here’s the result. The morning star, with all his history, is ready to be mounted on the roof. The morning star was also delivered and set up in 1908. Below is the newly gilded morning star, and on the right we have begun to prepare the setting spot on top of the church bell.


Niels Friis, Wohlert arkitekter A/S