Lindenovsgade, Hovgårdsgade, 2100 København Ø.

The task was rhymingly well defined from the start. A few questions at the project meeting with the architect were resolved and in progress we were. We started October 1999 and ended before Christmas in 1999. The tower was peeled. The tree was very included and needed a lot of replacing. The tower is nearing completion of the woodwork. It looked a bit bad – but we had a good carpenter who probably had more of a joiner in him. We worked on the tower right up to the 99 storm. The day before we thought the scaffolding was a bit exciting to stand on. Here my plumber Poul Jørgensen. Then we were in the process of the last of the tower – the spire. I got the job, including the polishing. A little fun tower – there is only work left – the pace was the right one. Quality had to be made. Then the spire was put in place and we were done. The Christmas holidays were at your doorstep. The finished result – We were proud. Here we were contacted for the replacement of zinc on an old tower, which was very leaky. In the old days, you could only bend the zinc on one joint, but then in the eighties came the titanium zinc, which could be bent on both conductors. It gave rise to the question of whether we should carry out the tower as in the old days. This meant whether we had to put the cheat on or if we had to fold the tower together in the right way. The builder and architect chose that we should perform the task with real false, just like for copper.

The Cooperative Housing Association.
Plan 2, Gunnar Nielsen