Admiral Hotel – Restaurant SALT

Claus from Admiral Hotel asked us for help to repair a leaky porches. We weren’t the ones who builded it in the first place – but assignments like this reminds us that no job is too small to be conducted in the proper manner from the get-go.

Here’s the drain in the left-hand side – but the water is in the right-hand side!

The porches was leaking, despite the fact that it was relatively newly build.
Why the previous company didn’t deliver quality work, I can’t say – but there were room for improvement!

We went a bit back and forth about covering the entier front with new copper, but ended up not doing so. At the end of 2015 the new copper had almost achieved the same colour as the existing copper

After delivering, what we thought to be a non-leaking porches – the rain came and went on an entire weekend. Monday morning Claus called – the porches were still leaking. We came right away, and found leaks further up on the existing roof. We apologized for not seeing the obvious inadequacies further up.
We completed the repair and visitors at SALT can now walk through the porches dry-shod

An exciting little assignment, with lots of challenges

From time to time we’re reminded that even the smallest assignments can become quite complicated. If you aren’t approaching the assignment with a bit of humbleness and trys to understand the bigger picture – you most definitely will come back after a good day of rain!

Admiral Hotel
Claus, Tehcnical Manager