Kong Christian Alle 1, Fredensborg

When we were in attendance it rained and taken so very “tired” out. The tower and the rest of the roof were peeled off and the great reconstruction work began. Even when the carpenters had left work, Chairman Benjamin was not entirely satisfied, and spent about 3 hours polishing and grinding edges perfectly straight and sharp. It made the difference for us One of our sleepers would try his hand at the dome, my answer to him was that we in the company didn’t make dents on the surfaces. It was a challenge he picked up and his work was so approved. There were no dents in the surfaces. We also had a small round kanarp roof which had to be “fixed” All the slate stones here were hand cut. My lovely son Jacob, who wanted a small summer job, came along and had to cut rocks – his remark at the end of the day was : “It’s then hairy dad, how to work” 🙂 Today, the skiff is also as it should no more, no less. Of course, no down bends have been purchased on the case, we prefer to perform our own swan necks or knee tubes. The tower as it stands today. In cooperation with my sleepers, we got the whole thing up in a quality that we will perform here in Toft Kobber & Facade We were invited to a tender at LĂĽtzhøft & Huld ApS which is an emptying company in Rødovre. The case here was especially intriguing because there was a zinc/slate tower on it. The task itself was carried out over the summer, when Morten Kjelstrup had already turned some brilliant lines and thoughts down on paper that we were going to build on. This combined with on-site solutions helped us to work out some really good solutions for the building. I contacted Dansk Kobbersalg in connection with the delivery of slate. I think it looked so exciting. It’s great to find that on the main roof we had a waste of less than 3% – not all skiers can live up to it. Our main wholesaler brdr. AO Johansen supplied our zinc and other materials, so it was just about getting started.

“When you work with carpenter there will quality. In the process of building up the roof, in terms of quality, I discovered that everyone was keen that it should just be a good and nice construction. At a meeting on the scaffolding, where one of the carpenters asked me how much tolerence there might be on the calves, I said “no one.” He didn’t even blink, but simply found that a newer track was needed – a new 6m track was requested. The copper and zinc on the tower had destroyed the wood in the construction. It was therefore necessary to change the tree. nice it was.”  Brian Toft

The quality conscious owners of the property.
Morten Kjelstrup, Vemmetofte Alle 3, 2820 Gentofte