Vemmetofte Allé 1, Gentofte

Architect Morten Kjeldstrup called me and asked if I wanted to help carry out his neighbor’s entrance gate. Uh yes, I replied. Morten told me that it is a funkisvilla and that the owners would love to keep the look of the old entrance to the front door. The reason the work was going on was that inside there was a water damage due to a leaking roof. The leak was due to the way in which the roof of the porch had previously been resolved. Then the joiner and us started, and what a construction, I highly recommend Lützhøft & Huld  phone 70 22 12 82. Notice the small lists which are specially made and set up so that it looks like the old one.

A funki’s task

When someone calls and says they need to have renovated their funkis villa, it usually means that the task is exciting in terms of difficulty. This also applies to this small matter. Together with Architect Morten Kjeldstrup, we talked and signed up for the solution that we executed. A solution that is determined in many areas places demands on our craft. Not only should the zinc be very close to the iron construction, but also be shaped so that it passes. Moreover, the blindness had to go with all the way around. In other words, we had to put a blindness, which had a bow, but did not stand out from the straight blindness. The fall on the roof goes from the extreme to the wall. Here we then had to knock up a 40mm high edge. This had to be beaten so precisely that the zinc did not fold, but was placed close to the iron frame holding the input lot. Inside, the porch is covered with small list pieces put together, so it gives an incredibly beautiful impression when you get to the door. Although the task is not one of the big ones, I think the task was very exciting. Mostly because of the many small but difficult details that had to fit 100% together for success. The loose edge of the house wall above the entrance roof should also not be stuck in a wall, as it would impair the visual impression. When we had to try to attach the loose edge to the existing groove, the challenge was not diminished. When the joiner leaves behind as good a job as he did, it is considerably easier for us to do our work so that the customer can only be satisfied. This was also the case here.

Owners of the house
Morten Kjeldstrup, Vemmetofte Alle 3, 2820 Gentofte