Metal craftsmanship

A business specializing in traditional copper roofing and ornamental work.

Toft Kobber handles all sheet metal work, ranging from repairing plastic guters
to constructing copper roofs for castles. We have many years of experience in
sheet metal craftsmanship, specifically in roofing and related tasks.

In Denmark, many older properties are adorned with ornaments or small tower
spires. In the southern region of Zealand, for instance, grape brackets were
popular on downspouts. Manor houses across the country were particularly fond
of highly ornamented tower spires or frontispieces. The numerous constructions
during the reign of King Christian IV are one of the main reasons why we have so
many buildings with copper in Denmark, especially in Copenhagen.

On newer buildings, metals such as zinc, copper, and aluminium are commonly
used for facades and roofing. However, it is crucial that these works are executed
correctly. This requires an understanding of the craftsmanship that has traditions
dating back 400 years. At TOFT Kobber AS, we specialize in preserving the
knowledge of past techniques. We utilize tools and models that are over 100
years old and still function effectively.